Intro to kicad - a hands-on interactive workshop for vidicon2020

Im running another workshop for VIDICON_2020, sunday, nov 15th 20:00cet(berlin) time:

learn how to design and create printed circuit boards using the free and open source program kicad. no prior experience needed ! rsvp required as space is limited - signup here (beneath the timetable)

I will speak briefly about what open source hardware is, and give a short demo about how to use kicad. the rest of the workshop will be a hands on exercise to create a pcb together from an example i have prepared


ooh this looks fun also the comparator DIY workshop!
that looks like a simple enough circuit I might actually be able to solder it

how do I sign up?

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the two_comparator_effect soldering workshop is full - although there will be more kits available / workshops for it in the future (plus it is open source so anyone can order pcbs and do similar things with the designs)

for the kicad workshop you can sign up here while spaces last :wink: this one is all ‘computer’ based , but the example circuit we will be working on also will be an easy beginner solder project if you finish the design and order pcbs from it :smiley:

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Looks great, signed up :). I’ve already got kicad installed, but is there anything else we should prepare beforehand?

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@doctea awesome looking forward to it. nope nothing else to prepare you good to go !

(i have the example template project prepared but will link it during the workshop, to not spoil the surprise :wink: )

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signed up too!
I started learning this by myself, but a focused workshop is better!

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