Intro to Unity Workshop by Rew: Audio-Reactive 3D Scenes

I’m doing a virtual workshop ( for you media art nerds! It’ll be on Sunday, Jan 31st and Sunday, Feb 6th, 3-4:30pm on those days. I’ll teach an intro to Unity and how to create audio-reactive 3D scenes within the program. It’s $35 and you can sign up at I hope that since this is over Zoom, I’ll see people who live all over the place!


This is the same Rew who performed and talked through an av set (Garden of Astral Blooms) at Vidicon 2020. So happy to be connected to you all :slight_smile:


Aww bummer, no seats left! Maybe I can catch the next one. Only found out about it today.

Hm yeah, same here. =D Should really hang here more.