Ipad midi to waaves

hi, I would like to manage waaves CCs via ipad what do you recommend, what type of connection can I use?

i have no idea really, anything you can use to get midi signals in to the pi (i am assuming you are on VSERPI and not desktop here) via usb will work, beyond that i never really fucked with ipads as midi controllers or with ipads in general before

yes i use it on VSERPI, and i would like to understand if a midi pin to usb adapter could work, very important thing thanks andrei_jay your works are fantastic. my goal is to create an extremely portable set up to be able to capture audio and video in real time in remote places.

so whatever you can do to get ipad as a class compliant usb midi controller is what you’ll need to research. probably a good search term would be “ipad usb midi controller ableton/reaper” and see what you get from there

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…most smaller (class-compliant) audio-interfaces can provide an DIN-MIDI-port to the iPad…

…i use two Presonus AudioBox iTwo with the Camera-Connection-Kit to in-and-output audio and MIDI to-and-from some iPads while charging them at the same time…

…from there you might want to use any MIDI-app on the iPad - Lemur comes to mind…

…uhm…sorry, second half of my message:

from there you might use some class-compliant MIDI-just-a-cable-solution-to-USB to go into the Pi…

…as you seem to be needing an audio-interface anyway that is the easiest solution i can come up with at the moment; i think something like a iPad-to-MIDIUSB-adapter does not (yet) exist…

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I wanted to apologize to everyone, I could formulate the question better, however now everything is clearer to me, I use a hub powered by ipad peripherals, and on raspberry at the moment I will try Doepfer dark link which I use little, then I will buy a midi to usb cable for the raspberry, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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perfect, i solved for the moment i inserted BCR 2000 in raspberry and send the signal from arturia beat step;) with a midi cable. It works :slight_smile: