Iphone and Touch OSC on raspberry pi video gear

Hi. I was wondering if anyone is using an iPhone to control WP or any other midi controlled software on the Pi. Id like to get pikix pi going and control it with a touch screen.

it is possible to control r_e_c_u_r (rpi based) with osc - iv used TouchOsc with it before

@guergana and i also wrote a little remote server app that runs on the pi, so your phone can connect to it directly and control parameters in a web browser

(but if you mean sending midi from TouchOsc then im not sure about that - gues it depends what midi spec is implemented on WP etc and how…)


Thats really cool. I think i mean sending midi. I have a couple of old iphones and i was curious. Would be nice to create a layout on the app and map cc for your specific machine.

the new version of touchosc (mk2) is supposed to be able to send midi thru usb. so ive read.

ah yeah it does seem like the new touchOsc can send midi over cable - although i already paid for the old version - dunno if it is worth it for me to pay another $16 or whatever to upgrade… ahwell !

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pretty sure some folks worked out some methodologies for this and posted stuff on the VSERPI discord/facebook group at some point? i kept saying OSC would get natively integrated and laid down a lot of ground work for it but i can’t really personally offer anything like a timeline for any future VSERPI dev as of right now

Hey, I managed to get touchOSC working with VSERPi software sometime ago. Here’s my post from “Video_waaaves” FB group

I managed to do so today to control RPi using TouchOSC on smartphone. I operated on images available on Andrei’s page, so everyone who flashed card using these should be able to operate using phone.

Firstly, install touchosc2midi as described below.
GitHub - velolala/touchosc2midi: a (linux compatible) TouchOSC Midi Bridge written in python

Note: you should run touchosc2midi from /home/pi/.local/bin/touchosc2midi

Now here’s crucial thing: you have to connect your mobile device before running WAAAVE_POOL (or any other VSERPi software). Run touchosc2midi (first time preferably with -v option, to get grasp how does it work), run TouchOSC on phone (I had to put “TouchOSC Bridge” host address manually, put there IP of your RPi).

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ .local/bin/touchosc2midi -v
Options from cmdline are {’–help’: False,
‘–ip’: None,
‘–midi-in’: None,
‘–midi-out’: None,
‘–verbose’: True,
‘backends’: False,
‘list’: False,
‘ports’: False}

MIDO_BACKEND from env: None
Using backend <backend mido.backends.rtmidi/LINUX_ALSA (loaded)>.
Backend for midi is <backend mido.backends.rtmidi/LINUX_ALSA (loaded)>.
Inport is <open input ‘TouchOSC Bridge’ (virtual RtMidi/LINUX_ALSA)>
Outport is <open output ‘TouchOSC Bridge’ (virtual RtMidi/LINUX_ALSA)>

found ‘wlan0:’ as default route.
Registered raspberrypi._touchoscbridge._udp.local. on
Waiting for first package from touchOSC in order to setup target address…

// Click “Done” on TouchOSC and now it’s connected like MIDI controller via USB. Text below should be output on terminal:

Listening for touchOSC on
Will send to osc.udp://
Listening for midi at <open input ‘TouchOSC Bridge’ (virtual RtMidi/LINUX_ALSA)>.

// Now you have to send MIDI message by pressing/sliding something on screen. You can run f. ex. WAAAVE_POOL at this point.

OSC received from: UDP: True URL: osc.udp://
received /midi,m with arg (0, 0, 45, 176)
Sending MIDI message control_change channel=0 control=45 value=0 time=0

If something is not clear let me know - it may be tricky at first to get it working, but you will get it quite easily.