Is $175 for a Videonics Mx pro with the psu worth it?

I just got an offer on Ebay and very much debating on doing it. Let me know what prices you got your power supply or unit for.

I paid $150 for mine two years ago. So seems reasonable to me if it works. I enjoy mine although some prefer mixers that don’t require a dedicated screen for the menu

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I wanted to update that a friend of mine just got a rebranded one of these (the Focus Mx-4, it’s virtually identical but has a few more features and—importantly—a simple barrel-style power inlet). She lowballed an ebay seller and picked it up for $50 + shipping. So I feel like a sucker, haha, and wanted to let others know!

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my overall thoughts on mx-pro is that they don’t really have that many useful additional features than an mx-1, and are even missing some fun stuff from the mx-1. they do look incredibly cool, but i think the fact that it is somewhat rare to find psu + working unit together has somewhat inflated their appeal. if someone is looking for a very very digital mixer with lots of crazy wipes, a mildly frustrating interface, and individual channel color processors, the panasonic mx-70 fits the bill, and is pretty easy to find. cons would be that the size and weight is about double that of an mx-pro and the higher resolution framebuffer can be less immediately satisfying for internal feedback than an mx-pro