Is it possible to mirror Waaave_Pool video to an RPi case monitor?

I have Waaave_Pool set up on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, with a small monitor in the case. It is delightful. I would love to have the output appear on the small in-case monitor as well as via the HDMI out.

The idea is it would be a tiny device monitor while the main output would be to a projector. I can achieve the same effect with an HDMI splitter and small monitor, but it would be nicer to use the little display in the case.

Have any of you fine folks attempted this, or know how to go about it? I appreciate any help or advice you may have.

It’s not exactly the same, but for the recur project I use a 3.5” Tft screen as a display that connects to the pi via gpio. It is possible on this to route video output to this screen (for monitoring) at same time as main video output (either hdmi or composite )

The frame rate is pretty low but still can be useful. If you are interested in more details / how this works happy to share

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Thanks. This setup is originally for recur, but I’m loving waaavepool too. I heard from Andrei, he said what I asked isn’t possible. If you have a way to do it, I’d love to know more.

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Splitter is not bad if you slap everything in a case and Velcro it all down. Would be cool if the screen could at least be used to display midi cc information or something similar to recur.


it will be possible to do the same for wavepool i assume depending on how much hacking you are prepared to do.

one shortcut (that might not work) would be to start with the recur image (has the screen drivers + mirroring code already installed) and then download and try to run wavepools from there (following andrei’s github instructions - openframeworks is already on there too from recur) … then you just need to add a hook into the wavepools code that runs the command to mirror screen on / off…

otherwise if trying to install from scratch you will need to sort out screen drivers for the screen you are using… and then installing the raspi2fb repo as i describe here:

anyway might be a bit involved depending on how comfortable you are mucking around on raspberry pi / openframeworks code. but should be possible !

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Thanks. That sounds a little outside my comfort zone, but it might be an interesting learning experience.

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yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. The smallest HDMI monitor I can find is 7", which takes up a lot of space on the small pedalboard, plus power and cables for two more devices (the splitter and monitor.) It’s not a bad way to do it, I just wanted to see if there was a more efficient option.

Another possibility is to find a small HDMI monitor with HDMI Passthrough, though this would likely be more trouble with the cabling than a splitter. Last I checked there were some knockoff 5" HDMI ‘on-camera DSLR’ monitors for around $150, barring that, an HDMI splitter is probably the most straightforward and affordable solution.

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you’ll almost definitely get frame drops in the waaave pool itself if u do get the secondary screen set up. don’t really recommend trying, esp since there are lots of easier ways out there to monitor output

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Understood - I don’t want to drop any frames. I will stick with a splitter and small monitor, it sounds like a much better choice. Thanks for all the help!