Is my Mx-50 broken?

Every single input from source B shows up as these pink bars on my Mx-50 I just received in the mail… when I received my Mx-12 in the mail only 1 input works so I’m really going to be upset if the same exact thing is happening with this one…

Please tell me there’s a way to fix this or I’m just missing something :frowning:

Update just after posting: it’s most likely definitely broken. I reset it and ran the demo and the issue remained. It’s off because the signal is stable on channel B, the matte is totally fine (on my Mx-12 the entire input that’s broke is just completely haywire signal wise)

I’m really hoping it’s something I can attempt to fix vs but a new one. I’ve never soldered but I’m willing to open this thing up and try because this is getting upsetting striking out 2 times in a row with Panasonic mixers.

Have you taken a look inside? The top opens like the hood on a car. When I got mine from eBay, several ribbon connectors had sprung loose. I clicked them back into place and hey presto, it worked.

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Just opened it and I believe they’re all clicked in properly. I’m not good with electronics so it seems like my only option is to buy another one when it pops up :confused:

I wish there was someone who repaired these because I’m tired of buying listings that say working tested only to run into this.

Any other ideas? Looking for anything here lol

If you’re still on Facebook, ask for some advice on the Video Circuits group.

And if you bought off eBay, you are likely covered for a refund. You’ll have to document the issue with video but try to contact the seller directly first to show them what you received doesn’t tally with what was advertised. If it was poorly packaged then damage could have occurred in transit. I recently bought a projector that when it arrived did not work, and in the end I was refunded the full amount from eBay and didn’t have to return the item either.

The seller immediately gave me a full refund and said I could keep it, which helps a lot! Now I just need to start the long wait for another working one at a reasonable price again.

Just requested to join that group, hopefully some insight there. Thank you for the help

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