Issue (or error or trouble) about EDIROL V-8

Hello from South Korea, I bought Edirol v8 (used) but it didn’t work. I think the machine have some problem or issue in connecting with BNC port.

Here is my theories
First, there is a problem a port of the BNC OR S-video in Output zone (coincidentally another port doesn’t have any problem)
Question: can I fix the BNC port?

Second, the television that I using now is even have an RCA or AV port, but it is kind of the smart TV. I can connect with YouTube or Netflix whenever it can connect to Wi-Fi. So that my television is some newer than V8 so the V8 doesn’t aware the signal correctly. If that is the answer, I can buy the old CRT TV in somewhere.

The seller told me I will send you another one. If another one even walk, I will refund your money, yeah, that is good, but as a graduate student who need this machine as my project money it’s not that much important.

I really really want to use this machine for my work for my project for my graduation but right now I can’t so I feel like my heart is broken and I feel very sad. So now I’m writing this with the longing heart or eagerly

Hope you help me and have a nice weekend.

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I do not think there is a problem with the Roland V-8.

I do think you should try and get another Monitor with at least one of the following inputs:

  • CVBS
  • AV
  • BNC

A cheap multi-input screen i use in several places in my setup is the Eyoyo EM08B monitor from Aliexpress which provides AV, BNC and HDMI-connectors.

Over time i bought several of these monitors. Besides general testing i use this monitor to display the Roland/Edirol V-4/V-8 menu screen.

Thanks for advice I’m really happy.

I already have V-4 but that doesn’t have a problem. it’s working perfectly.

After I saw your comment I found manual of my television, but I can’t know that is supporting three types of the input that you said. I think I should borrow or buy another monitor and then,It should be worth to try.

I’m really appreciate your advice. Have a nice weekend

…the 3 input-/connector-types that i listed are essentially the same - just different names and formfactors of the same thing…

…if your V-4 works fine in the exact same setup then i might be wrong and there is indeed a problem with the V-8 - sorry…

…as you already suggest i would also say the next step should be to try the V-8 with another monitor - if you can borrow one or take the V-8 to a friend who has another monitor with a different input-set available that might be preferable…

Have you tried connecting the V8’s composite or S-video out as a source into your working V4? That might be helpful in troubleshooting to pinpoint the issue if you know that a connection from V4 → TV definitely works. I would also attempt to perform a factory reset of the V8 just in case.

Factory reset is ALWAYS the first thing you should try.

in s-video, and another 2 output port, everything didn’t answer, sure I did factory reset, but was worthless. Anyway, I returned, and seller gave my money back. No, I should try to find another V-4/8. But still, I have very big interest in V-8 haha next time if I can find another good stuff, I’m going to buy and gonna try to show up it’s working well
I really appreciate your advice. Have a nice March.