JVC JX-SV77 Help

Hey guys

I just picked up a JX-SV77 and it’s my first video mixer (I’m unsure if video mixer is the right word) and I just wondered if anyone else uses one and if they have any advice or info for setting up and getting it all working.

Also will I need a VHS player or can i hook the CRT to my computer and also have the JX-SV77 run straight into the CRT monitor?

I’m a beginner to all this but excited to get into it.

Thanks guys

…sorry, i do not know that mixer - usually you should be able to go directly into your monitor/CRT - if you want to go into your computer it depends on what connections it offers - ususally you’ll need some kind of (up-)scaler as in A/V- or BNC-out → little-conversion-box-thingy → HDMI → very cheap HDMI-to-USB-thingy → computer…


(To download, click on the top type number, behind A.)

…perhaps you also saw that video - it is in italian though:

…ok…found some photos: you’ll need some SCART-to-A/V-adpaters also…