Laptop as mixer

very open-ended question, but wondering if there is a way I could use a laptop and possibly midi control to mix composite a/v video from eurorack modules that output composite like structure and hypno. I have a v4 that is a bit janky and I would like a more versatile, widely applicable solution to performing live. Thanks for any ideas!


You’d need a capture device for each composite video input and software capable of handling multiple capture devices. Or a device which can capture multiple composite video streams at once. (These exist but they’re usually geared towards the security DVR crowd and not made with latency, etc. in mind.)

There would be a noticeable latency associated with the capturing of the video as well as possible saturation of the USB bus with huge amounts of incoming video data. Hiccups, freezing video, and lag would all be your new best friends.

If your V4 is janky, get another mixer.