LASER module sale

Selling 4x 3W RGB laser modules at 250 dollars/euro each + shipping (preferably Europe). The module outputs a RGB laser already collimated. Has analog modulation of colors. Beam size 2.6x6mm divergence 1.1 mrad. Dimension 90x66x35mm weight 0.72Kg. I tested those modules travelling and they are very stable, they don’t get out of axis.

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Hi, would love to see what these look like. Sounds very cool!

Sounds interesting, can you provide some more info about it?

it’s just a box with corresponding power supply. It can be substituted inside your laser projector to have a more powerful one. The advantage is that you don’t need any extra optics (lenses etc) to align the beam (Which is usually THE pain in the ass in lasers). these are already collimated so you can point them to your mirror scanners and you are good to go. Normally the price would be 1 dollar per mW, in this case you get everything for less than a tenth of the price. You can get a crappy laser projector second hand and substitute it yourself