Learn how to program yr own stuffs on VSERPI

howdy yall, some of you might know i’ve been trying out teaching some live classes over discords over the last couple months. its been pretty fun but i kinda realized that doing them live was kind of not really using the internet terribly well. while on the one hand its cool to have the ability to do live back and forth with students, all the other stuff like “oh wait my video is buffering”, “the audio is broken up”, ‘my screen is frozen, can you wait while i restart my computer’, in addition to the fact that theres no way i can pick one time slot that works for everyone working at different times in different time zones (last time i set up one class specifically b/c a bunch of folks from europe asked me to make it at a reasonable time for them, and then zero europeans and 2 yanquis signed up and the yanks were both like ‘can we change this time slot…’). plus doing the classes live significantly exacerbates my significant wrist and shoulder pains so i figured it would be better in the long run to just pre record the lectures so folks can watch them whenevers and do shits at their own pace. plus also the some of the aspects of the homework are incredibly difficult so going at yr own pace is probably the best in the long run either way!

SO if you want to see what the first class of programming video stuffs on VSERPI is like i’ve got it up on youtube

if you want to check out more i’ve got it set up so you can just buy access to all the classes via my website

or sign up for my patreon, theres a couple of ranges for class access and homework helps

or honestly just wait about a year, i’m hoping to be in a better spot wrt moneys so i don’t have to paywall information just to pay rent and i’ll just make them all free on youtube.

stay tuned and i’ll have the Processing based class up as well as the Chaos & generative art class too. probably not like incredibly soon but hopefuly by the end of summer

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