Learning electronics of analogue video. (Does this book look any good?)

Not sure if this is the right place to post this?

I’m trying to learn about the electronics of analogue video specifically.
Ideally I’d like to learn by doing little projects and by building simple devices. I’ve already built a Karl Klomp dirty video mixer but I’m not sure where to go next.

Does this book look worth buying? It’s not exactly cheap…
eBook on analogue video circuits.

Any other advice on project based approaches to learning analogue video electronics would be most welcome.

Hi @imprintx and welcome to scanlines!
Have you already checked out these posts? :arrow_right: https://scanlines.xyz/tag/circuitry

I’m also trying to learn about analog video circuitry and this book looks really interesting to me, I think I’ll get it! Elektor (the publisher) is pretty cool, their backissues are filled with all kinds of cool DIY analog projects. Thanks for sharing.

Fancy giving us a review of the book if you do?

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I have this book, it’t not complete. It does the classic intro to subject in detail then it jumps around all over the place. For example at one point there is a circuit for an LED array oscilloscope, cool but not really relevant. Quite a lot of the circuits use obsolete parts and very highly integrated parts, so what you are going to learn is questionable, but there are quite a few little circuits with logic for creating test patterns.

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