A/V event in Brooklyn / on Twitch Fri Oct 8, 2021!

Hope this is an appropriate place to post this:

I’m performing my first livecoding A/V set tonight at this event! Will be using orca for livecoding, ableton for sound, processing/p5.js for midi-reactive visuals, processed with analogue video synths and glitch gear! Other people will be livecoding visuals in Hydra and other environments, as well as livecoding audio in orca and Tidalcycles and more. There are fairly regular events increasingly again as things are starting to open up again cautiously.

Computer Pop! at Wonderville in Brooklyn, NY
Friday October 8, 2021, doors open 7.30pm

In-person tix here: COMPUTER POP! LivecodeNYC Algorave withfriends

Streaming here: Twitch

Here’s the full event description!

"Join us for a COMPUTER POP! Algorave, put on by LiveCode.NYC on Friday October 8th. Doors at 7:30 and going until LATE! The Algorave will feature audio visual performances all created with code or coded-technologies by local and guest artists.



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This show is put on by LiveCode.NYC, the live coding community of New York City. We are primarily a meetup group who gets together to discuss programming in real time. Sometimes we run events. This has ranged from workshops, to talks, to festivals, and some Algoraves. We run these events out of love for making cool things with code."