LiveLab - browser-based media router

Hi all!

A project I have been working on has just been released, that might be interesting to this group…It is a free, open-source, configurable video-call software to make it easier to collaborate for online performances.

Some things you can do:

  • add multiple cameras, audio streams, and screen shares to the same session
  • dynamically add and remove different audio and video feeds
  • send video feeds to separate windows
  • configure resolution and framerate
  • use audio mixer to control volume of individual feeds
  • video switcher to switch between video feeds
  • chat

To use:

  1. go to using Chrome or Chromium
  2. click ‘start’
  3. share the URL with other people in order to add them to the session

More info:

Try it at (use chrome or chromium!):

source code:

coming soon: desktop version where you can send OSC and MIDI :]


wow this seems like a really interesting
so I’m going to check it all out but was just wondering

if three people were playing together one with video and one with audio and video could the third person just be doing the mixing of those signals for the final output?

EDIT: it looks like yes that would work

is there any chance of mixing video signals instead of just switching?

if the output windows supported syphon in some capacity you could take two of the outputs and mix it with something like the signal culture mixing app or OBS

or just capture the window with OBS or syphoner and then send it where you want I suppose

it could be neat to have built in though

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This looks awfully handy for multimedia collabs, much more advanced than ‘chat to your mates in Zoom’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah, in an earlier version I had mixing built in, but right now the focus of this app is mainly to help with routing media, but you could use a different app to mix and then send the resulting feed back through.


this looks amazing! going to try and set up a little video_waaaves meetup/workshop zone thru this sometime maybe in the next week or so, hmu anyone who is interested!


that sounds like good fun

This looks great - thankyou for building and sharing this!

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That sounds really fun, I am interested.

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Ahh! Thank you for this! I really like how straightforward the interface is, and I like that I can open multiple tabs to the same room. Much appreciated!


This looks amazing! Thank you.

I’m currently looking for a solution that includes OSC so this is very exciting. Is OSC currently working in the web version, or will that need to wait for the desktop one? And any idea on the timeline for the desktop release if so? Weeks or Months?


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