Login for for uploading a second video failed

The login to this forum worked for me. But when i to upload a second video to videos.scanlines.xyz i can not login. The first upload some days ago worked. Even password reset did not help. Got the “Password reset for your account” mail. Set my password again. But can not login.

My user name starts with K capital letter. Is this the error?

Hi @Kandid - iv been a bit absent here over the holiday season but let me take a look at this when I get a chance - sounds a bit strange , should be able to get you back in :smiley:

Tried now several times again to login to https://videos.scanlines.xyz/login. And reset the videos.scanlines.xyz password again. But failed with login for uploading videos. Tested with Firefox and Opera on Debian 10.

Maybe I didn’t understand the difference between videos.scanlines.xyz and scanlines.xyz.

Login to https://scanlines.xyz works. So i can use the forum and link to videos at vimeo or https://chaos.social/@kandid.

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Just for clarity I don’t fill the form at https://videos.scanlines.xyz/login but I click on the “Discourse” button there, which logs me in at both videos.scanlines.xyz and scanlines.xyz and allows me to upload videos at videos.scanlines.xyz.

Cool to see you’re on Mastodon - we Pixelflowers joined an instance a few days ago and are looking for contacts, good practices, tips…maybe this deserves a separate topic.

We are using single sign on from discourse (the main forum ) to login to the chat and the videos page. So you shouldn’t need to go to the login page at all.

And it won’t work to put your details into thT login form. The sign in from discourse button should work.

Or from the homepage you should see a join button in top left which will redirect you to the discourse sign on. If you try this and let me know what happens I can help from there (the single sign on part is a custom solution we have here to make things easier but there are still some things to smooth out !)

Thank you, Now i understand that with the access. Just managed to upload a video.

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Yay ! Happy you got it sorted