Login issues at videos.scanlines.xyz

I just found myself logged out of videos.scanlines.xyz and seemingly unable to log back in. I can log into the forum but that doesn’t log me into peertube as it used to do until ~15 hours ago

hmm i can log in as usual - what happens for you ?

This what I’ve been trying, both with browser in incognito mode to root out cookie issues, and in normal mode (various logout/login attempts)

Same result if I click the “Discourse” button at videos.scanlines

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weird yeah i can see it in the logs. dunno why its trying to create a new account for u lol

note to future self (actually had already helped someone with this problem before but forgot what the issue was :sweat_smile: )

this can happen if the email on peertube doesnt match the email from discourse - just needs an admin to align them and should be able to login as usual