Looking for CHA/V PCBS

hi there!

Im a beginner enthusiast and discovered the world of DIY video synthesis through forum digging, and found the CHA/V project ( by Jonas Bers ) to be really really interesting.

Unfortunately, i cant seem to locate an online retailer, or source that are still selling the boards ( most online leads are rather dated , or leads to broken links or shops that are no longer stocking them )

Would appreciate if anyone has any leads for me to follow up on - would definitely be keen to get a PCB or two to have a go at building it

thank you!

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I have a mostly built one I can send you

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Raw voltage Vienna may have some in stock as well.


Might be worth reaching out to Jonas, I’ve found him to be very responsive and helpful

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oh if you would be so kind, i would love to take you up on that offer.

Would look to drop you a message about it!

i saw that! unfortunately RV only ships within europe , and im all the way in asia - so thats a dead end for me

thank you for the heads up on this. I might look to do this as well

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Question to the masses:

What would be the most affordable way to ship from USA to Singapore? DHL and FedEx are both asking over 100USD to ship an A4 envelope. There’s gotta be something cheaper right?

Iv shipped many pcbs in regular envelopes with regular (international) stamps