Looking for cool things to do with a broken projector

Not sure if this is the right topic to post this under, so I’m happy to delete/move this thread if that’s more appropriate.

BUT. I’m sitting on a broken Mitsubishi HC6000 projector. The error code I get when it’s turned on looks like it’s related to an overheating problem and my best attempts at internet sleuthing have led me to believe that the most likely culprit is a broken thermistor. I opened it up and tested all the parts that looked like thermistors and they all seemed to be behaving normally…

My electronics knowledge is fairly limited. I’ve built and debugged a system’s worth of eurorack audio and video modules but all mostly following included instructions. I haven’t been able to find any kind of service manual for this projector that would provide enough insight to help me fix it.

So – as someone who is pretty reluctant to throw away any complicated electro mechanical/optical devices – does anyone have any cool ideas or tips about what to do with this machine?

The optics look easy enough to remove and at the very least seem like a fair bit of fun to play with, but are there better things to do with the projector than to pull out the lenses and shine lights through them and enjoy the shapes they make on a wall?

Or does anyone happen to know where/how to find a service manual for this projector?


Just curious. What’s the error code?

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Not sure if this helps but I was getting a similar thing with my projector and it turned out the IEC cable wasn’t properly rated and was underpowering it. I switched it out and it turned on after previously giving a lamp fail light. Just a thought!

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i’ve always gone with taking out the optics and playing with them, and it’s never disappointed. usually there are also some cool dichroic things that you can use as a filter for a small camera such as a phone


projector error detection circuits usually err on the extreme side of caution, probably bc projector manufactorers don’t want to deal with any lawsuits where bulbs explode in like a classroom or whatever. if the heat detection circuits all seem to be functional, maybe just one of the fans is burnt out?

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@bsom I don’t remember. The projector has been in pieces for many months now. Two leds flashed indicating “Abnormal” and “contact your dealer” in the user manual, but there was also an error code briefly displayed on screen before the projector turned off. At the time I found a forum post that said that the code was related to overheating but I can’t remember what it was. If I decide to keep trying to fix it (and put it back together) I’ll update the thread here with the actual code.

@555sounds Interesting! Easy enough to try.

@andrei_jay Good to know. I think all the fans seemed to be running fine, but they’d kick into full gear before the projector powered off so I assume the projector was trying to cool itself off. Seems like a good place to start looking if i decide to try putting it back together instead of just playing with the insides.