Looking for Gravity Waaaves DIY tester group

Howdy all, i’ll be looking to assemble a team to test gravity waaaves DIY setups throughout this month. will be looking for folks who have the following criteria

  1. have previously set up both at least 1 VSERPI unit and the VIDEO_WAAAVES desktop suite and are more than comfortable that they could repeat this process with little difficulty.

  2. are comfortable working with linux environments and can potentially run software and config stuffs from an ubuntu boot drive if necessary

  3. are generally ok with not having their hands held through the process and have the ability to do a bit of research and troubleshooting on their own time (i.e. when faced with an error, take a stab at learning more about it instead of just asking someone else for help immediately)

  4. are very patient

if yr interested send me a message with a little cover letter via email (not dms here or anywhere else plz) ex.zee.ex ATSYMBOL gmail.com