Mainbow and Roland V-440hd problem (black and white)

Hey everyone, new to the forums and pretty new to video synthesis.

I have come with a problem I am racking my brain over.

I have a Roland Edirol v-440hd mixer.
I also recently aquired a mainbow.

I have been attempting to get my mainbow to go into the sd inputs on my mixer.

However, the video sync seems way off and most of the time I get no color, or a color signal that isn’t correct at all. It seems like a weak signal.

I have tried all manners of things at this point.
Composite to bnc
Composite to s-video
Composite to Sima pro edit 3 composite input > composite out to bnc, s-video.
Composite out into a composite splitter, then composite to bnc, s-video.
And all manners of combinations of these things.

However if I plug my mainbow directly into composite in on my tv… color! As it’s supposed to be!

So I am -baffled-. No settings on either unit seem to get this color sync problem fixed. I’m waiting for a composite to vga and a composite to hdmi adapters to come in the mail but I honestly don’t have my bets that in will work.

Does -anyone- have a solution or know of this issue with the mainbow and roland mixers?

Tearing my hair out on this problem :upside_down_face:

Thanks in advance for any help you may have for meeee.

Roland mixers are pretty picky about video signals, way pickier than CRT televisions. So the Edirol doesn’t accept the sync signal from the Mainbow, but the TV is fine with it. I hate for the solution to be more gear, but other mixers have much more accommodating TBCs (such as the Videonics brand), and will likely be fine with the Mainbow signal.

The datavideo se500 can be found for pretty cheap online and has a rock solid tbc

Also if you find one without a psu that’s ok, they can be sourced really easily