Matrix Switch Question - Kramer 8/16XL


I have a Kramer matrix switch with push buttons on the front which I love. However, I am exploring other options for a larger setup. Aside from spending hundreds of Pounds, it seems like there are some matrix switchers like the following:

Specifically the Kramer 8xl/16xl - but I can’t find any info on them, or how the switching works. As in - without the selector buttons on the front - how do you select the inputs/outputs etc?

If anybody has a manual handy, or knows how these particular units operate, any insight would be welcome!

not familiar with this particular unit, but i can see that there are two ports on the mid left side of back panel saying ‘control panels’ so i would want to be 100 percent sure that there is some kind of complete back up control method from the quite underpopulated front panel or just try to dig up control panels. most likely theres a time consuming lcd menu diving method of working with it

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That’s my fear as well. I’ve not managed to find much info on them at all unfortunately, but they come up fairly regularly.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to pick up another 16 input 16 output Kramer switch with front panel buttons for each connection, and even a preview monitor!!! So that’ll do nicely.

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