Melted Electronics Strange Loop video input

Apologies if this might be posted elsewhere, but wondering if it’s possible to go from standard usb on a laptop straight to usb on strange loop for playing youtube videos live. The manual says either external usb drive with clips or composite I believe. I would like to just play online videos from my computer rather than preloaded clips. Thanks!

when I ha one I was only able to get it working by using a USB drive, a USB > composite adapter, I think I even used direct USB webcam/document cam inputs as well
if you want more of a mix of videos rather than just static clips you would probably have to make a premix and export to a USB drive

but if you have something like a ATEM mini that outputs USBc video I suppose you could try going from C > A and see if it works. You could also just try a USB C > A / HDMI > usb A cable but I don’t really know if that is going to work out.

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