Mezkalin Glitch Units

I really like the look of these units but I don’t know anyone, nor have I spoken to anyone, who’s used them, before. They look fantastic (video output and physically) but am hesitant to jump in at the prices (the Synthwave Killah is €800, obviously that’s the one that caught my eye!)


Delayed reply here, but I use a couple of Mezkalin devices and like them a lot. There’s a lot of care and attention that goes into them, hence the price. Whether it’s worth it for you or not is harder to say. The Synthwave Killah is great. I recommend Mezkalin in general though.

I’ve been eyeballing a Rusty Joe for a while now. Might have to make the plunge!

I ended up pulling the trigger on a Nitro.

It is an absolute BEAST.

Long time lurker, but this thread made me create an account. I found someone selling a Rusty Joe waaay below MSRP some time ago. It was supposed to just be a hold over until I could get my hands on some BPMC stuff as I’d heard so much positive buzz about them. 3 BPMCs later (Basic Cable, Fritz, Nasty) and the imo the Rusty Joe exceeds the BPMC units. I wouldn’t have felt bad if I had paid full MSRP for it. I felt the need to share this because of how little conversation there is about Mezkalin compared to BPMC and Tachyons+.

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I think the main reason there isn’t as much hype for the Mazkalin gear is that he’s a relative newcomer to the glitch gear world. (Especially compared to Tachyons+ or BPMC)

I’m REALLY jealous that you got a Rusty Joe on the cheap. I’ve been saving my pennies for one!

I think also because a lot of the chatter about glitch art etc comes from folks in the US, whereas Mezkalin is in Germany, and the devices are PAL.