Midi assignment for wave pool

Apologies for the basic question, but would it be possible to midi assign an old arcade style controller for wave pool/pi based stuff? On that note, any suggestions for a visually eccentric controller that would still cover the basics? Thanks!

My understanding is that if you have a controller that sends midi, all one needs to do is make sure whichever cc# a button/knob/etc is communicating matches up to the corresponding WP parameter that you want to control. I believe these values can all be referenced and configured in the wave pool’s config file. It would probably be easiest to leave the WP’s default values as is and remap your midi controller’s scene settings to send cc’s for your preferred WP parameters, but if you can’t change the midi stuff from the controller side, you can always edit the WP config file to match whatever your controller likes to send.

Helpful info from Andrei’s site (Waaave_Pool manual — andrei_jay_creative_coding):

list of default midi ccs
Luma key -16
Mix -17
Hue_x -18
Sat_x -19
Bright_x -20
Temporal filter mix -21
Temp filter Q -22
Input boost -23
X displace -120
Y displace -121
Z displace -122
Rotate -123
Chaotic hue mod -124
Chaotic hue lfo -125
Chaotic hue offset -126
Delay time -127
toggle switches
bright invert -43
saturation invert -44
hue invert -42
H mirror -41
V mirror -45
Toroidal Universe -46
luma key swap b/w -60
framebuffer reset-58
parameter reset/motion recording clear-59
feedback/feedforward mode switch-71
motion recording on/off-39

on the nanokontrol for each of the sliders (midi cc values 0 through 6) there are three buttons alongside which I have programmed to change the total range of what each slider does. I will list those cc values here in the order (medium, large, ridiculous) (small is default setting. the larger buttons override smaller buttons so if medium, large, and ridiculous are all toggled then only ridiculous is actually enabled. ridiculous settings for the xyz and rotate plus toroidal universe is where very ornate fractal painting mode gets started
x displace (32,48,64)

y displace (33,49,65)

z displace (34,50,66)

rotate (35,51,67)

chaotic hue mod (36,52,68)

chaotic hue lfo (37,53,69)

chaotic hue offset (38,54,70)

So yes, entirely possible. But as you can see, there’re quite a few adjustable parameters that likely exceed the inputs available on an arcade style controller. And many of those items are best controlled via knobs and sliders instead of just buttons, so it would be up to you to determine if your controller’s design allows enough play for you to assign your favorite parameters to your favorite inputs.