Midi control of r_e_c_u_r

Looking to build a r_e_c_u_r, but instead of just using the keypad to control clips/playback, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using midi to control any parameters? I have a Zoia in my rack and my idea is to use envelope followers after different frequencies to trigger midi notes to then send into r_e_c_u_r to change clips/effect playback. I know about the Yeti midi video player, but can’t find any availability even after talking to the creator. I would love to be able to have the sounds of my modular setup influence/control the playback without my input. I only have two hands…

Just saw that i_n_c_u_r is a thing, so there is definitely some options here. Trying to get a couple PCB’s so a friend and I can add that on. I can get midi into the pi via USB, but to have the midi and CV in on top of not using more USB slots is cool.

Midi + r_e_c_u_r is really awesome. I use to control midi by using the octatrack and a usb midi keyboard as the navigation through the system. It works really well sequencing the parameters or using LFO to control really opens it up.
Im excited for the i_n_c_u_r as well because of the cv in. Thats almost a step away from actually havin it mounted in the rack!

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Thats good to hear, I am excited about it and will have it and Auto Waaave in my video case somehow.