[Migration Completed] Forum is read-only for a moment while we migrate servers

just some maintenance - shouldnt take long

:desktop_computer::desktop_computer::file_cabinet::globe_with_meridians: ok we back up on the other side - let me know if you see anything weird on the site :pray:

…scanlines-graphics in the upper left corner are missing/not loading…

There’s an admin message at the top of the forum. Just a heads up.

thanks for the feedback will take a look into this :thinking:

…your avatar is missing too:

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Seems some older posts (check the circuits section) are missing images as well.

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thanks for flagging these - at some point we switched to saving images to wasabi our external static object storage… but before that the images were stored directly on the server - it seemed the migration didnt account for these old images, however when i checked that i guess my browser was caching locally all the images so everything looked fine for me lol…

i just rsync’d up the image folders so should be working again

let me know if you see anything else !

thats a weird one ! are you still seeing this ? maybe you opened the forum during the migration process and cached this message in your browser ? is it still there if you open in private tab ?

This is no longer there. I think it may have been caused by browser cacheing as well.