Ming Mecca World Core bare PCBs available

Sorry to post this here rather than on the thread where it was previously being discussed but the last 3 comments on that thread are mine and scanlines won’t let me post a fourth one (or edit the old ones) until someone else says something!

Anyway, I had a batch of 5 of the Ming Mecca World Core PCB sets (no panels) manufactured and they’ve arrived so now I have spares for sale. I think I’ll only want one, maybe two at most.

If you’d like to buy a set, please send me a PM.

If I sell out I’ll update this topic.

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I think starting a new thread is good anyway !
( didn’t know there were so many rules about posting lol )


well, i just made it so that people can reply to themselves 10 times in a row. this isn’t the kind of forum where it’s unwelcome for people to go off on a tangent on their own haha.

my interest is piqued by the PCBs but with the number of projects i have in progress right now i know i must pass on them. i hope they find good homes!

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Yes… well I do have a habit of sometimes conversing with myself; I’m forever clicking “Post” and then thinking of something else I should have said! :slight_smile:

I didn’t get much interest in the boards in the other thread (they take up a lot of HP!) but I figured maybe people were just waiting for someone to take the plunge, so I did.

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I have some Control core sets left from a project.

if anyone wants them, lets trade cool stuff?

I just say this topic. I hope it is ok to post it here.
It is just, if you have a World core, it is so much more fun to have a Control core with it!

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Hi Martijn, wonderful to see you here!

Do you want to swap a World Core PCB set for a Control Core? I don’t have one of the controllers to go with it but I guess they’re probably available online secondhand?

sure. pm me for address info!