Motu hdx-sdi PCI express video interface

Hi I picked up a Motu hdx-sdi PCI express video interface at a local garage sale recently. I was planning on using it to upscale my analog video signals but after taking a better look at the manual I found I need: one PCI card or ExpressCard adapter. I don’t currently have that for my M1 mac, what would I need to make this video interface work? Any guidance would be lovely.

i think you’re going to be out of luck either way b/c the manual says this requires ‘A multi-processor Intel-based Mac’. there might be some kind of thunderbolt/usb c pci-e toaster thing out there in the world, tho i think pci-e is still significantly higher bandwidth than either of those, but unless someone has written updated 64 bit m1 based drivers for this specific hardware this isn’t going to work out. if yr really committed to working with this hardware, just picking up an old beefy mac tower & installing all the old stuffs would be the way to go.