Move video clip files from USB stick to internal SD Card with Recur

I tried moving my clips using the pi filebrowser (outside of booting to recur) however the system would only play my clips if they were on the USB stick, even though they were on the SD card (and I load them from SD, at least I tried to, this was a while ago so can’t recall if it changed the location of load)

Is there something I’m missing to relink or link/load from the internal SD? I have had a look, sorry if this is already covered.

I can see the files, but yeah will only play them back if on the USB stick. Is there a way to reset it or something?


should work to put them on the sd file system.

you will need to map the new files from the BROWSER page into SAMPLER page tho…

what happens if you go to a new bank (FN + 1 from SAMPLER page) and then switch to BROWSER page, navigate to where you put the files and then map them ?

Yes I have that working now, not sure what I was doing wrong! I think it saves
Thanks v. much : )

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