My current video synth setup(s)

Hi everyone.

Recently, I attended the Vancouver Synth Meetup (at Trout Lake) and brought my current video synth setup…well most of it at least. I had a lot of questions about various parts of it and thought I’d write it all up on my website with all the links and sample videos. I figured there might be a few people here interested in my setup…especially since many of the posts here helped in my decision making/building process.

It’s currently broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1: The Raspberry Pi Cluster - a stack of pi 3’s running various software including Recur, VSERPI and other tools using HDMI and composite outputs/inputs with some cheap capture ‘cards’

  • Part 2: Eurorack Video Modules - a couple of DIY’d video synth modules for composite video output

  • Part 3: The Eyesy - Critter & Guitari’s video synth with a pile of modes including some new ones generated by an A.I. bot that is able to code for the Eyesy

I’ve just thrown my hat into the ring to do visuals for the upcoming meetup on April 4th.

Feel free to ask me anything if you want to know more about it.