Nano Kontrol2 and Video Waaaves 2.5

Hi, I think I’m having some issues with the nanoKontrol2 and the desktop version (PC/Win10)-I think Video Waaaves and Spectral Mesh used to respond to the NanoKontrol2-it works fine with Chromatic Aberrations and Super Haeckel Adventures.

I saved the mapping to the Kontol2 and it works great with the Pi editions-so, should it work with the desktop versions and if so what do I do to get it working with them?

As it happens i dl the most recent version of Video Waaaves too and most of them work with the Kontrol2 including Chromatic Aberrations-only Super Haeckel


video waaaves was never set up to work with the VSERPI nk2 b/c it predated waaave pools and any raspberry pi gears by a couple of years. there is a fairly tedious but simple method of mapping parameters on your own that is documented within the code tho!