NDI Video waaaves problem

Hi, I’m having a problem where my NDI wont display on the video_waaaves display menu so I cant really edit anything. Ive tried a lot of stuff, even redownloading. I followed the tutorial multiple times over and over and no success. If you have a fix please tell me :slight_smile:

haven’t added this to docs yet but adding adding the files here to the bin folder within each of the apps seems to make things work 85 percent of the time on windows

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Not sure if this is your issue, but I was having trouble getting my camera and NDI to show up.

First, I updated NDI to current version. This helped in waaaves, but I had issues still in the other apps. After following Andrei’s instructions on their site, I was able to get it working (I’m on mac though, not sure about you).

In the instructions:

How to change camera sources

Open up src->ofApp.cpp and search (cmd/ctrl + f) “cam1.setDeviceID”. Each time you run one of these programs it will list the potential camera inputs and their device ids in the console, to select a specific camera as an input simply change the device ID in the parenthesis. You may run into problems trying to run multiple of these programs concurrently if they are trying to each access the same device ids (usually manfests as a SIGABRT error) so you might want to change the device ids in one of the program to other numbers to avoid this issue. its not a problem if you feed device ids that don’t exist on your system (i.e. you only have 2 camera devices recognized and set the id numbers to 3 and 4).

Also good to keep in mind is that device IDS are not static within your system! Each time you plug/unplug a usb camera source and/or reboot your system the same cameras might end up having different device ids!

After updating NDI to newest version and giving each app a different set of numbers for camera inputs, everything is working. I see Andrei has already given better advice, but just wanted to chime in with my experience of going from no inputs, to all sources and NDI working (although, sometimes the NDI will show up under camera 1 or 2 for some reason).