Networkxxiii Introduction

Hi! My name is bsom and I am the sole proprietor of networkxxiii

Networkxxiii is a passion project of mine, focusing on analog video (and audio) products for folks like myself, the modern ‘vidiot’. My hope is to build networkxxiii into a place where I can showcase and share the various widgets and whatnots that I passionately produce while making them available to others.

Background on me:
I’m a lifetime video junkie who grew up in the heyday of home computing and the home video revolution (VCRs, baby!) I am a self-taught electrical tinkerer and ad-hoc mechanical engineer. I collect Max Headroom and THX 1138 memorabilia and live with my lovely author wife and our three crazy children. My day job is at a mid-sized east coast (US) university where I am head tinkerer and keeper of all things associated with both art and science.