New Classes up at Polyphase portal!

I’ve got a new class at coming up in june, focusing on video synthesis principles and techniques using the vsynth package for max! and we’ve got another round of @cyberboy666 and @isorhythmics analog video breadboarding classes too. plus some bonus audio classes from ryan smith

a few foundations of analog video on breadboard

Link to get tickets here

// ticket sales closing fri 24th may to give time for kits to be sent in mail //

design and build your own vga-synthesizer! Beginner friendly and hands on course about making art with electronics - receive a kit with everything you need to build video-synth modules together on breadboard

Monday 24 June at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 1: passives

Monday 1 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 2: comparators

Monday 8 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 3: oscillators


Monday 22 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 4: logic gates

Monday 29 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 5: multiplexes

Monday 5 August at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT – week 6: op-amps

digital video synthesis in Vsynth // tickets on sale 5-13 through 6-1 //

Learn the fundamentals of video synthesis using the Vsynth package for Max/Msp. Led by Andrei Jay

Monday June 3 // 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 10 // 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 17 // 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 24 // 9-1030pm EDT

an introduction to making music in vcv rack 2

This hands-on workshop is a practical introduction to modular sound synthesis and performance using VCV Rack 2, a free, open-source Eurorack simulator for Mac/Windows/Linux. Led by Ryan Smith.

Tues Jun 4th // 9pm to 11pm Eastern

Tues Jun 11th // 9pm to 11pm Eastern

Tues Jun 18th // 9pm to 11pm Eastern

introduction to composite video circuitry – part i

This workshop explores how to process composite video signals with basic electronic circuitry. Starting with components like resistors and capacitors and building up to comparators and operational amplifiers, we will cover techniques for processing camera feeds, VHS tapes, and any other video signal in the composite format. Led by Sean Russell Hallowell.

Tues June 18 // 6:00pm-8:00pm Eastern

Tues June 25 // 6:00pm-8:00pm Eastern

Tues July 2 // 6:00pm-8:00pm Eastern

Tues July 9 // 6:00pm-8:00pm Eastern

making ambient music with ableton live

This workshop will explore the building block techniques to make Ambient and Experimental music, harnessing the common approaches of some of the genres’ iconic composers from the past and present, put into practical use in Ableton Live (10 or 11). Led by Ryan Smith

Tues Jul 9th // 9pm to 11pm Eastern

Tues Jul 16th // 9pm to 11pm Eastern

Tues Jul 23rd // 9pm to 11pm Eastern