New r_e_c_u_r build with slightly customized case (STL included)

Hi people, here is my new r_e_c_u_r build with slightly modified case.
I am uploading stl files, so you can use it if you like.
The two mods I’d suggest is to make those circular base columns for rpi screws slightly thinner as rpi wont lay on these perfect because of the soldering point being too close.
The other thing I’d do is a plastic piece on the right side of keyboard to secure it better in space. Probably my 3d print wasn’t best, but i truly believe that plastic piece would help for keyboard operation hands down.
I hope someone will find this useful.

Here is some pictures:

Stl files:

baseplate6.stl (513.6 KB)
topplate2.stl (167.6 KB)


very nice!

on my side, i have been using my recur for years with a full-sized keyboard, because i had issues with all the numpads that i tried. however, i ordered a programmable macropad that i am going to try out as a controller for recur – it’s a 5x5 grid of keys that runs custom firmware and is recognized as a full keyboard via USB. so i’m optimistic that i will be able to have a much smaller footprint for my recur soon. i just have to program the keys for the keystrokes needed by recur.

will report the results on scanlines once i do it…


I was also having issues with all my number pads and I ended up mapping recur to a midi control to menu dive.


This is the best solution IMO