New sessions of classes for polyphase portal announced + submissions for our winter livestream!

Howdy all, we have updated our winter/spring schedule for polyphase portal. In addition to another set of Sean Russell Hallowell’s Intro to Composite Video Circuits 1 and 2, we have new classes from Paloma Kop & me, including:

Intro to Video Feedback with Cameras with @palomakop

Making Fun, Simple Websites with Handwritten HTML/CSS with Paloma Kop

Introduction to Video Art with OBS with Andrei Jay

Magick, Video Art, and Narrative with Andrei Jay

Plus the return of Ask Me Anything About Video Signals with Andrei as a monthly livestream from this December through May 2024
and introducing artist talks: works in progress with @cyberboy666 as monthly livestream as well!

And thats not all, on december 6th we will be hosting a livestream of student works. As polyphase is still pretty young overall, we’d like to open up submissions to anyone who has ever taken any kind of class with Andrei, Paloma, Sean, or Time anywhere, anytime, irl, or url. you can find info on how to submit & how to view in the link up above!

As always, folks can sign up for our mailing list if they’d like to get this kind of information delivered directly to their inbox several times a year! Stay tuned, we are hoping to get some more folks involved in 2024 and get some more classes & livestreams happening as recurring events! And please drop us a line if you’d like to take classes but can’t because of time zones and whatnot, it definitely helps us put together schedules if we know there is demand from a certain zone.


man, so much cool stuff you’re teaching there.

if only i had more money…!