New to circuit bending

I’m new to circuit bending video equipment, and recently purchased a video enhancer that I am looking to circuit bend. If anyone has any informational resources it would be greatly appreciated.


here they are welcome! I’ve only done circuit bending with audio stuff I bet it is fun with video

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I dont think there are many resources out there that specifically pertain to bending video devices but any resources you can find on the principles of audio bending should apply with some differences. An amazing resource into the world of bending comes from Reed Ghazala who has a great book on the subject. Id highly suggest pouring over his website as a good starting point.

Audio bending is very freeform. Its all usually low voltage battery operated circuits that are incredibly forgiving. With video you often are dealing with mains AC voltage and far more sensitive circuits.

The first thing that I do when I get a new device to bend is I lookup all of the ICs (black chips with parrallel groups of legs). The most important things to note is the power on these chips. Any positive or negative rails being fed to a chip should be avoided. There are no bends to be found there just puffs of magick smoke while the angry pixies escape to freedom. From there its all trying combinations of crossing pins, pulling pins to ground, adding resistance, filtering with capacitance, etc. It can get far more advanced from there but that is a great starting point.

You can find bends all over a board but you need to be able to identify where the power is on the board so you can avoid that. Most of your work should be done with some kind of test lead with a low value resistor in line to keep you from accidentally dumping a load of power into whatever points youre testing.

Where you go from there depends on what you want. Are you just looking for a couple cool effects? Or do you want to squeeze every last bit out of that hardware that you can? If youre looking for the latter then documentation will be your new best friend. I have a notebook dedicated to bend notes. Everytime I find anything worth writing down I write down the paths and give it a rating so I know if its worth including in the final configuration.

Bending can be alot of fun but it can also be very tedious if you want to really push the hardware.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.