Newbie Question: Roland Edirol v4 vs. v8

Hello everyone!

I just discovered this forum and this is my first post here. I’m so happy to have found a community of people who share a common interest.

I’m a beginner and I would like to get into video art. At this point I think I’ve essentially decided that I’d like to get an Edirol Mixer but I cannot decide which one so I am turning to you guys for help. What are the main differences? Is the v8 noticably better? What additional features does it have over v4 aside from more inputs? I tried searching for a comparison but I came up empty-handed.

If anyone else has any other suggestions of gear to have a look at (available in Europe please), I’m very much open to suggestions and discussion.

Thank you all for your time and I hope you are well :))

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cat full of ghosts made reviews about both of them:

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Hiya! Welcome to the club.

The main differences are the inputs/outputs, and the effects that are included. There’s a bunch of different transitions on the v8, including one that I wish I could remember but folks seem to like.

The reason I went with the v4 over the v8 (apart from cost) was that the connectors are on top, and are composite, rather than BNC. On the v8, the connectors are BNC style which means you’ll need appropriate cables (the adapters suck), and the cables will go out the back.

For my purposes, the v4 is a better live mixer, as I can cram more into a small table, and just use composite cables. For studio stuff/permanent setup in a video rig, the v8 would be better.


Thank you both for replying! :smiley:

I’ll be sure to watch through the videos as soon as I can to I can get a better understanding of both mixers. @amfas you mean video quality degrades when converting from BNC to Composite? There really aren’t any adapters that don’t suck? Currently I’m leaning towards the v8 but I’d like to use it with Composite so if that is the case the v4 might be more in order.

Hiya. Nah, video quality will be the same. There’s a few considerations:

  • Lots of video gear you use will be composite. Maybe not… but in my case, it has been. A lot of the newer stuff definitely is. Older enhancers etc that are bent won’t be.
  • Switching to/from BNC means you either need composite to BNC cables, or adapters.
  • Adapters are often low quality, and the composite connection is loose (at least in my experience).

So if you have a composite based setup, it can be simpler/more reliable to have a mixer with composite inputs. That’s the case for my live stuff, but my studio setup has BNC connections, so it’s easier to use those.

If you are leaning towards the v8 and can afford it, I’d go with that. The connection stuff is more just… a particular heads up about a minor and specific consideration that I’ve had. They are both awesome. :slight_smile:


So the number of inputs does not matter as much in practical use cases? As I’m just starting out I really don’t have any form of setup built really :sweat_smile: but that just means I could go in either direction.

It will matter if you have five or six sources! It depends on your setup. For me, it hasn’t mattered in practice. I’ve never felt limited by the four - particularly as it can only mix two at once. If you get a v8 at a good price, jump at it. The v4 tends to be much cheaper, and is only marginally less great (imho). You shouldn’t be disappointed by either, unless you have very specific tastes. It’s six and half a dozen.

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I have both the v4 and v8

I rather have BNC than RCA
The v4 RCA connectors can wiggle too much (and break in the future after heavy use) when BNC cables with adapters are used.

Formfactor & IO:
The v4 is smaller and therefore more suitable for small setups.
the v8 has dedicated outputs per channel, which is very cool for checkmonitors, feedback loops and special projection setups.

the v8 has some effects the v4 does not have.
for example the “Flip” function, which is very cool for feedback setups

Sync stuff:
The v4 was able to sync to the CFOG Video Equations , the v8 not.


Okay thanks for the additional info both of ya!

I guess I’ll see what kind of offers I can find for sellers. Oh and I need to wait to get paid heh :sweat_smile:. I’m still a student and I hope I can save up relatively quickly before school work starts piling on. Seeing as that I’m interested in doing feedback loops it might make sense to try and save up for the v8.

I might post further updates here if that is okay :smiley:

I managed to find and get a V8 and I’ve really been having fun with internal feedback so far! Just thought it would be nice to update you guys as well :))