Note about chat logins

we now have single sign on between the forum and chat, thanks to @cyberboy666 creating a custom service to bridge the two! unfortunately, if you had already joined the chat, we had to start over with a clean slate, so you will need to join again. but the integration between the two should be much smoother now!

now that that’s taken care of, perhaps we can be a bit more open about sharing this site around? at least in terms of “setting things up,” i think we are in a good place right now. does anyone have thoughts on this?


i also think we are in a good place.

technically everything seems to be running smoothly - memory is high but cpu idling - i think these droplets will handle what we have to throw at them.

and there been some good discussions, intros and wiki post to set the tone. im looking forward to contributing some more content after being preoccupied with back-office stuff mainly this week…

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