November 25th 10pm EST terence mckenna live a/v remix with andrei jay and paloma kop

get ready for your zoom based holiday season (seriously don’t travel to visit your parents USA folks have you seen the coronavirus rates???) with a live streamed a/v remix of a classic terence mckenna interview. we will be using video waaaves, artificial life, granular time looping, and maybe a couple of my new audio processors (if i get my shit together lol) to ensure that everyone gets a fully immersified psychedelic experience even if they don’t have any spirit molecules handy.


this is tomorrow :))))))))))

an archived version of this stream can be viewed here:


the visuals in this mix are very nice ! if you can remember / have the time would love to see a quick signal diagram showing what is being used to create them :angel:

just the desktop version of artificial life!


V nice ! Looking forward to trying this even more now.