Online residency - Ian Keaveny - The ethics of sources

June 22nd - 28th 2020 - 5pm (CEST)

Hackn3t online residency: Ian Keaveny - The ethics of sources

Hacklab01 and Format C present the first in a series of online artist residencies oriented toward new media art hacking. The goal of hackn3t online residencies is to show the everyday practice of digital new media artists by using online presence with desktop sharing in the form of publicly accessible online conference calls. The residency will take place from 22nd to 28th June 2020, every day, starting at 5pm (CEST). Our guest artist Ian Keaveny will present his work and practice in daily online sessions.

Ian Keaveny , born In England. Studied fine art at Winchester School of art. Lived in and around Co. Offaly since moving to Ireland in the early 90’s. Exhibited Painting, Film and Glitch art nationally and internationally. More about the artist on his blog Paintings are stories.

The artist about the residency:

The general theme I’ve chosen for this online residency is ‘The ethics of sources’ - an exploration of finding sources to work with from online or older legacy media and demonstrations of techniques that I use on an everyday basis in my own work illustrating how a source can determine what can be done to it through format or content and also how various techniques can be suited to specific material. During the first talk/demonstration I will source film, news footage from live broadcast, Youtube content and from live capture and subsequently distress and recreate these in different ways over the course of subsequent days to end in a final live real time mixed film performance using the techniques covered.

During my online stay I will also be examining the reasons for and the ethics/consequences of sourcing and reusing found material and our responsibilities to the material from an open source perspective and a Creative Commons aspect and talk a little about copyright and my attitudes towards it and how that relates to remix culture and Glitch art in particular.

The residency starts on Monday June 22nd at 5.00pm (CEST) on the URL published on this page.

Participant applications are welcome but not mandatory (email to apply). Recordings will be available after the event.


Jun 22 - Introduction
Jun 23 - FFmpeg and datamoshing
Jun 24 - FFmpeg and hex-editing
Jun 25 - Divide by stills
Jun 26 - Finding and exploiting hardware and operating system flaws / Circuit bent webcams
Jun 27 - Adding sound and showing sound artifacts for different formats and methods
Jun 28 - Putting it all together / Flowblade, Handbrake etc.

Hacklab01 is a project by AKC Attack and is financially supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and The Zagreb City Office for Culture. Programs by Format C artist organization are supported by the “Kultura Nova” Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.


Starting soon… ~1 hour, will be there every day for a week - same time, same place!


Access Code: 751014


Daily videos are on Youtube, here’s the playlist:

We’re there every day at 17:00 CEST!