Opening up the streams - followup

inspired by some previous discussions here, last week i made this static webpage to serve from our scanlines stream:

this means that outside of the streamline event series anyone who wants to can use our streaming server and share / use this address - if ya just feel like jammin let us know in the chat ! (or try the scanlines calender !)

the default streamkey it looks for is stream but you can use something else and update it on the page, (to stream here just write to @palomakop or i and we will send you the rtmp url - this should be kept private for security reasons)

this page also doubles as an aggregate for twitch channels from video-artists, so if theres nothing playing on scanlines you can also see whats happening over on twitch…

lemme know if you have any channels to add or ideas to improve this (the source is here - and im not much of a web developer so welcoming pr’s too :wink: )


ohh and also btw the twitch embeds are generated only when show twitch stream is pressed so you can still enjoy our custom stream service without opting in to any twitch tracking cookies…

(in case anyone cares - looking at you @v3d :wink: :cookie: :broom: )


this is awesome, thank you!

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is this worth having it’s own tab in the banner near ‘videos’ and ‘chat’ ?

i already said this but really nice work on this ! i just took a look and someone was actually streaming (“forgotten VCR”).

i thought about putting a link to it in the header, but i felt it might be confusing for people to stumble across without context. additionally, if there’s a link called “streams,” maybe it would be confusing if there was also a stream happening on the scanlines homepage? i do want to pin this post so that people can find it along with all the info on what it is.

yupp - was also thinking whether it should be in the tab , but agree it is a bit confusing by itself (we could add some context / explanation onto the page itself?) but how it is now seems good ! lets see how it is used (if at all :wink: )

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