Opinions about color processors?

Sometimes you try to make some pastel colors, but the machines keep screaming :red_square:!:green_square:!:blue_square:!

We’re considering buying a color corrector (PAL, <150 €). Sony XV-C900 and XV-C700 would fit and seem to have many controls. Does anyone have direct experience with them?

Videonics VE-1 is apparently out of range if available at all.

Do you know of other color correctors you’re happy with?

I feel your primary colour pain!
XV-C900 is so much awesomeness I bought two.
Other OK ones are the Kramer SP-11, Akai PS-V20E.


Videonics VE-1 - they are not so expensive are they?
And I can confirm that they are very fun!

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Yeah but Videonics eqs are not so easy to find in Europe. But those sony seem to be easy accessible. Any good equivalents in Eurorack?

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i had a Kramer one but sold it because the color correction didn’t extend all the way to the edges of the capture (probably would not have been as noticeable on a CRT without “underscan” enabled).

i also have an Akai unit. it’s a bit noisy, especially when turning the pots but i don’t really mind. it has the standard “enhancer” circuit in addition to hue, contrast etc.

i really like units like this. i imagine there are some comparable consumer grade units like these in europe too but they might be coming from different brands.

pastels are can be tricky with NSTC or PAL. Not positive about pastels but I’ve defintely gotten some incredibly suprising and unlikely analog color distortion (pinks, yellows, golds, and neons) using the old Videffektor board.
without even diving into the broadcast gear world, pastel seems easiest to achieve via one of those cheapo consumer ‘enhancer’ units that has a chroma knob, which means u can desaturate everything.

most of the panasonic mixers have invididual channel saturation knobs as well in their color corrector section.
Sony FXE mixers have individual channel HSB and ‘color correction’ as well as really nice pixely pastel feedback
Panasonic mx70 has individual channel YpbpR controls along with satuarion/desaturation and can get Very Very weird with those zones

I was going to say, I almost struggle to NOT get pastel colors with the FXE100.

We ended up buying a Sony XV-C900 on eBay for ~100 euro. It seems effective at what it does, and it’s apparently not very noisy. Heavy and warm af. 4 inputs and 4 outputs make it versatile. The joystick-based interface is sexy, but it was clearly designed for careful color tuning in a studio setting…the joysticks are very very sensitive and it’s hard to be precise in live situations, especially when you’re also headbanging in the darkness and cables are floating all around =)