Oscilloscope Graphic Artist

Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with the OGA. Got a friend building some and I’m trying to figure the proper affordable oscilloscope and cables to go out from OGA to the oscilloscope…or, even better, to bypass the scope and just go straight into CRT or LCD. Sorry for the basic questions, this one is new for me, and not much info on Oscilloscope Graphic Artist at hand! Thanks for any feedback as always! :slight_smile:

hi there and welcome,

the OGA is designed to be used with an oscilloscope that has “XY mode.” this means that you take 2 outputs and use them to drive the X and Y axis of the oscilloscope (or XY display which is like an oscilloscope which only works in this mode). in order to find out whether a given scope has this mode, i generally look at the manual or photos of the controls. it can be a bit complex and having someone around who has experience with scopes is very helpful. the exact cables you will need will vary based on the particular scope you get, but most likely you would need to get from BNC to ⅛" (aka 3.5mm) tip-sleeve. i have used RCA cables with converters on both ends since that was what i had.

as for going directly into a TV, that is likely not really an option with this device (unless you somehow managed to obtain an elusive ‘scan converter,’ which is a whole other can of worms). in general, the best and most accessible way to get a video signal from an oscilloscope is to simply point a camera at it (re-scanning).

hope that helps, and good luck.