Oscillossszcope art!

i finshed up the beta testing version of my a/v vector synth project, idly working on a manual while folka are helping me work thru the kinks. id like to be including a lot of context, search terms, other scope based DIY stuff and artists to look into in the manual because i feel like a lot of folks coming to this project might have little or no context for this zone! and also i dont have a lot of context for this zone either, i kind of came into vector synthesis sideways just goofing around with dumpstered oscilloscpes and overpowered DSP synthesizers. so looking for a nice long list of oscilloscope/vector artists/art peices, stuff folks can build etc etc. yes i have holzers book, just want to ask as many folks as possible because video art zones is has a tendancy to be heavily occluded and extraordinarly obscure


i like this one for an introductory type reading/visual explanation: https://s3.amazonaws.com/doubleobelisk/Harmonograph.pdf

ben laposky’s oscillons and electronic abstractions, and mary ellen bute are good names to search for.

also this is a weird, neat little book, don’t remember where i found it: Oscilloscope_Techniques_Alfred_Haas_1958.pdf (3.2 MB)


there exists oscilloscope music. I’ve tooled with it a little bit though been a while. You start with the shapes and then determine the audio from there.