Panasonic MJ-MX12 Sync warning - Cant get a stable sync signal and image

So, I got a panasonic mx12 mixer recently but haven’t figured out how to get a good video signal through it. It works, all functions work fine and I can play with all the effects, the problem is: The Sync warning light is lit in orange, the manual said it would get a green light if the signal is stable, this means I get no image on the two channels, maybe just some static. HOW THE HELL DO I SYNC THIS? Whats wrong in my signal flow? And any tips for internal feedback?(I cant actually do any feedback without the sync)

…on the MX10 the sync is dependent on the channel 2 signal - if there is a valid signal on channel 2 the sync light is green; as i understand the MX12 is basically the MX10 with MiniDIN-connectors added…

…generally those MX-mixers take the analog signal, convert it to digital, ‚do-their-thing(s)‘, and convert it back to analog for output…therefore - as i understand - a stable signal should be fed into input 2 and then almost any glitch-video can be used in input 1…

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Thx ill try that and reply with what happens

Well it still not working, I put vhs camera in source 2, no signal still, vhs player no signal, I opened it to see if there were any ribbon cables loose in shiping, unplug, pluged. No changes

Looks like you have the input switch set to S-Video (Y/C) rather than composite.

…And I can confirm that MX12 pulls sync from channel 2, like the MX10.

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…wow! - i did not spot this before…

Hahaahah well this was dumb! Thx, this solved the no image problem, but still i cant get a good signal. Put a camcorder on input 2 and its black and white, the fact that mx12 doesnt have a tbc influences in this?