Panasonic MX50A Troubleshooting

Hello everyone! I’m pretty new to all this, but I’ve researched quite a lot before diving into the rabbithole. I recently picked up a Panasonic WJ-MX50A on eBay that was in working condition (i.e. powers on, all buttons light up, no major issues, etc.), but when I attempt to connect any video source into any of the video inputs (either through BNC/COMP or S-Video) I don’t get any signal. I am able to output the video into a TV, but all I get is this:

I am able to modify the color output on the screen using the color corrector joystick, I can switch between matte outputs (black, white, etc.), I can use all the different swipes/fades and auto fades/swipes, I can switch through channels/inputs, I can modify the video output with digital effects (negative, mosaic, paint, etc.), and I am able to change the border and color of the matte generator.

But anything I plug in no matter what input or output selected (including self-feedback by plugging an output into an input) gives me absolutely no change from having nothing plugged in at all. Is this thing broken or am I just stupid?

Thank you all so much in advance.

i doubt this will work, but have you tried switching the reset switch on and off?

Oh yeah, I’ve tried it while the machine was on and while it was off to no avail. There’s really nothing I can do to get this thing to work.

I know this is well late, but I had this problem too. It’s quite specific, and when I discovered what it was for me, I realized it’s easily a common issue, so posting this:

  1. Using feedback is a great, easy way of checking (so thanks for that idea)
  2. if all inputs are out, but the mattes and effects (especially wipe) all seem to work, then :
  3. Unplug the unit.
  4. undo all screws around the lip, and the one metal thread screw under the t-bar
  5. hinge the top open carefully
  6. Look for any disconnected ribbon connectors, and reseat them as well. The inputs are the lower right rear ribbon, the rightmost cable coming off the back panel.

Mine had come loose from the bottom board. It’s a very weak connector, so it’s easily knowcked out in transit/movement (mine arrived from an ebay seller like this, I suspect it was the travel, not the seller). I plugged it back in, and the machine works perfectly.

Best of luck out there. This is such a fun piece of old-school gear :smiley:


Hey im having the same problem with my mx12, does the same apply for the fix in it?

These ribbons? I unpluged and pluged but its with thse same problem

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Thank you for posting this! Got an MX-50 from ebay and had this same issue, now it is working.