Panasonic WJ-AVE5 “Superimpose Effect”

The Superimpose effect seems to not fill the full area of the output on an LCD… the top has about a half an inch missing and the left side has about an Eighth of an inch missing. The the output video in these areas is perfectly fine just unaffected by the Superimpose Effect. Is this normal? Is there a fix? Any help much appreciated.

Camera >> AVE5 input >> Monitor.

YouTube Link to Example:

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hi and welcome!

i’m pretty sure this is normal. when i am working with an LCD or digital capture i will often have to zoom in to crop out the edges, i think some of these types of devices were designed with CRTs in mind, which typically cut off more of the edges (unless it’s a “pro” CRT montitor with the “underscan” feature), so there was more space around the edges that they didn’t expect to be visible.


Thanks!!! Great to know this is not an issue with the device. Will work with with the issue in mind.

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