Panasonic Wj-ave5 Unknown Mod

Bought a Panasonic Wj-Ave5 on eBay. Didn’t notice it had a few buttons and switches added in below the regular controls. It seems to bypass the mixer section and pan back and forth between channels. Seemed simple enough to not think anything of it. Today I went to turn it on for a session and found the second channel stopped working. I can still use the input but it looks like when I slide the mix fader down it doesn’t pick up the input anymore. When I opened the mixer to investigate I found a whole other circuit board inside that someone added in. It looks really well done. I have no idea why it’s there but it’s attached to the added controls. Any idea what it is? And any suggestions as to how to fix the problem? I love this mixer so I wanna do anything I can to keep it working. Thanks for the help.


i love seeing these kinds of mods ! thanks for sharing… i dont know what it does but am very interested to find out! hopfully it is obvious to someone on here - maybe you could share some more details or a video showing the output of these extra controls…


  • the dip8 is KA555 a v common timer ic
  • cant read the ic above this one is it the same counter one or something different?
  • dac08 is a 8-Bit, High Speed, Multiplying D/A Converter
  • 74ls74 is a flipflop
  • az820 is a relay

then theres some trimpots, resistors and capacitors


I read there were pro mods done to Panasonic mixers in the 90s to improve black level change hue etc. It does look a pro mod re printed board.